Smurfs in Power


Ok, this is going to be a bit of a rant, but wtf is up with men who are my superiors and are ALREADY married or in a relationship  hitting on me?  I don't know if it's the chase or the thrill of the hunt, but these shennanigans have got to stop.  Your world exists with one woman in it, and as this isn't Utah, I suggest you keep with that one.  If you're done with her, do yourselves both a favor and be and man and END the relationship with her instead if incessantly looking like and idiot to those around you.  You should not be confiding in me all the things that are unsatisfactory about your current relationship, and you definitely shouldn't be telling me how hot I am after every sip of beer you take.  Thanks for nothing, jackass.  Let me fill you in on a few things:

A) I look better because I'm being sympathetic and giving you attention
B) BECAUSE I don't see you as an option or a threat
C) BECAUSE I don't like you and know you're in a relationship
D) AND BECAUSE you're my BOSS.

That's the end of the story.  Stop trying to flex your power over me because you think that chicks dig men with power. You're right, we totally do love men with power who respect their job and their partners.

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  1. So in relation to your rant, and please rant on. I had been working as a server for the last 2 years while finishing up my teaching credentials. It sucks but we all do it. As a female server you know to work your feminine charms when needed to help with the tip, and yes I'm a self-proclaimed Feminist, but I also have to make some bucks to survive ,so I do what I do.

    One night I was getting a big top with a family all out celebrating the teenage son just achieving his black belt in Karate. Mom and dad are there, grandma, uncle Bob, little Jimmy, the whole fam.

    So, I'm doing what I can to take good care of this family and make the night a big deal for them. When I go to pick the check back up from the family Mom has her back to dad talking to grandma and Dad picks the check off the table and ask me if he can just slide the check presenter into my apron pocket, which so conveniently lays right in front of my "Ya-Ya". And when I say he asked, he was doing so while sliding the check into the pocket. Stunned that Dad had the balls to do this while the family is all just chatting at the table, and also so confused as to what the hell just happened I stood there fumbling over my words and then walked away to run his payment.

    What the HELL, who are you dude that with your wife sitting right there next to you, yes her back was to you but come on she was right there! And I DO live in Utah, but pilliging it not my style.

    When i went to go take back his credit card, mom is still chatting it up with the others at the tab;e giving dad an opportunity to tell me he is taking his wife to Aruba in the morning for a week but he'll leave me his number so I can call him anytime after that. I get a wink and a chester the molester smile and I am officially creeped out!


    The best part is, is once the family all left mom gives me a hug to thank you for being so great to their family and making their night so great. Dad hands me the check presenter and sure enough there is his card and oh wait for it, wait for it....a 15% tip. Well shit, if you want to get into my pants while being a married man, you better as hell tip me better than that ;)

    So I agree, Smurfette WTF?

    And to just add a little more fuel to your fire, this was an article I read that I found quite interesting and disturbing all at the same time, have a looksie: