All Smurfed Out at Coachella


Our story here isn't so much about individual smurfs, but about being smurfy in general.  This is a photo of us at our favorite musical event in SoCal.  Here you'll see our hand crafted rompers along with matching fannypacks.  Don't judge, just let the jealousy flow.  Our adventure began with costuming ideas, which we will address in another blog, and ended with an empty polo field.  For those of you unaware, Coachella is a 3 day music festival in the desert.  Yes, that means 100+ degrees F but also a lot of diehard music fans.  We set out and bought our 3-day pass along with the other necessary, um, items to take along to such an event.  We bought our camp space and gathered our things, only to realize that we had way more space than we actually needed.  Hanna's lightbulb went off and decided that it would be fun to share the campsite.  A few posts on Facebook and we had a nice little crew of friends who we would be sharing the weekend with.  This, my friends, is the definition of smufy- sharing the adventure with others and taking a chance that we might all have more in common than we realize in this relatively small world. 

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