David Hasselhoff Smurf


When you work with someone, it's inevitable that you will eventually see the highlights and lowlights of his life through some odd moment when he doesn't think you're paying attention. See, I have begun to learn that smurfs who share workspace with a woman feel that they are somehow closer to that woman. Maybe it's because in most workplaces you get to see the true colors of a person when they are sick, stressed, elated, shattered... the list goes on. But always this sort of attitude makes smurfs feel empowered to hit on a woman after an undetermined period of time has passed. Thus, my story:

After work I went to a bar with a few coworkers. Now, this smurf has been slipping in little comments here and there at work that make me pretty aware of the fact that this period of staking me out has made smurf feel empowered. I decided to mix in a bit of alcohol and a fun atmosphere to get the chance to see how he really feels, (I know, I'm a glutton for punishment). Well, at the bar we were a group of four- me, a smurfette and 2 smurfs- indulging in beer and shots (yes, I am getting a little old for that) and this smurf's amorous nature starts to come out. We find a mask on a popcicle stick in the bar which happens to be the face of David Hasselhoff. That mask was the best idea for a talk-piece at a bar (I found out later from the bartenders that they just put them all over the bar to see the reactions of the patrons). So this smurf wears the mask, and he has a blast flirting with me and the other smurfette. No skin off my back, but then he starts to try and kiss both of us at sporadic times. Now, I don't really know why he thinks that it's ok to be polyamorous at with two coworkers in the same setting, but he is determined. I shrug off his efforts, but smurfette indulges in her less-than-coherent state. The night continues to a local's loft and we drink a bit more, and smurf is not giving up on either of us. Again, I brush him off (I still have to work with him) and I move to the next room. A few moments later after distinct spit-swapping sounds and giggles, I hear the rhythmic creaking of the living room couch. Thanks for lulling me to sleep, assholes.

But oh, it gets better. After that day I have been asked out no fewer than 3 times from this exact same smurf. Apparently one workplace hook-up just wasn't enough. Now I know that you deserve the title of The HOFF Smurf... the comparative douchebaggery is astounding.

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